Friday, December 2, 2011


GUESS WHICH BROKE GURL JUST GOT HER JEFFERY CAMPBELL LITAS?! This one did ;)! I ordered them on November 20th (freaking took like 2 weeks!).

So, I ordered on Karmaloop & they cost $128, NOT BAD AT ALL! (Retail they cose $160 + tax!) So, I got a damn good deal in my opinion!

They "came" on December 1st. I open them right? And , Karmaloop sent me THE WRONG SHOES! They sent me really ugly furry ones. I can't even! I was SO SO SO SO SO upset! I had a fit. I talk to a Karmaloop rep for like 40 minutes, seriously. I complained & thankfully they sent me THE RIGHT SHOES. At first they were like, "so ground shipping? I'l give you confirmation in 1-2 days." I was like "OH HELL NO. Give me overnight!!" and so they ended up giving me overnight shipping AND a $20 giftcard :) Sooo happy.

They finally came in the mail today, so I'm stoked as shizzzzzz. ! I'm still nervous to wear them to school & all but I'm sure I'll find a way right? Eh, whatever.

AH! I'm so happy!

I have 2 more Open Box hauls for yall! (: Both of them will be makeup though hahah. I've been ordering SOOOO much lately. Eeek, okay thanks for reading yall <3 I'll do a lookbook on them soon I hope!

Stay Lovely, Stay Fabulous & I'll talk to you guys later <3


  1. Are those the distressed leather, or the calf leather? They look really good on you btw... I checked out your video. :)

  2. Hey Nieka! You have an amazing blog must I say! I saved it to my bookmarks! SOOOO In love! :D & They're the calf leather!