Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beauty Spotlight #1: Raja!

If you've been sick like me for the past five days, you know that life gets borring. I decided to watch RuPaul's Drag Race everyday on Netflix. I finished all 3 seasons in no time. I was in love! Many of these Queens caught my eye, but one in particular was RAJA! I always loved the other queens on this show like, Raven (my fave fore Season 2), Jujubee, Manila Luzon (filipino represent!), Carmen (God, she's so gorgeous!) and Delta Work, but something about Raja kept me NEEDING more!

This queen was fierce from the start! On Season 3 Episode 1 when I first saw Raja, I knew she would be my favorite! I'm so glad she made it to the top! She's more then just drag queen, but she's a style icon for anyone who needs inspiration for being fierce. She delivered all of Season 3 & her lowest point was when she had to sing for her life. Other then that, Raja is mos def my fave drag of them all! She is a fashionista AND she's AMAZING at makeup! If I had to wear Drag makeup for a week, I'd copy ALL her looks! I really love how she's gorgeous in drag & not in drag! She's amazing. She sent a great message on Rupaul's Drag Race when she said she wants to win so she can show other people that it's possible! (Something positive like that! :p) Watching her when she struts her stuff on the runway lets me know that you need confidence to be beautiful! She's more then a queen, but an icon.

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