Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Workout Day 1!

I'm currently taking steroids cus of my asthma. So working out is highly needed! & some other things :) anyway! yeah. love yall!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Books of 2012: Wintergirls (#1)

Starting the book Wintergirls TODAY! I really hope I like it ; this is irrelevant to my blog but I need to keep track of it somewhere right ?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals .

  • Loose 20+ pounds by prom
  • Be a better person
  • Don't be such an ass!
  • Be more outgoing & fun!
  • Do homework ONCE you get home!
  • Buy a YSL lipstick
  • Never forget to use my Clarisonic Mia
  • Spend LESS money on makeup
  • Somehow get a summer job
  • Learn to drive on the freeway
  • Get some rims for my mustang
  • Buy a cute prom dress
  • Feel good about myself
  • Get crazy f*cked up
  • Have my first boyfriend & first kiss
  • Go out more
  • Just have a good time
  • Take care of my mom
  • Not fight with my mom so much
  • Stop getting annoyed with my sister
  • Somehow loose my jealous side. 
  • Get 4 more piercing 
  • Hangout with my BFF quinci
  • Get partner on YT
  • Buy a set of AMAZING brushes 
Yeah (: Thats it .

Thursday, December 22, 2011

FOTD: Snow Leapord

Today isnt over yet. Daddy is taking me to the store & then to MAC. ! <3
Just what I did with my makeup today! I REALLLY LIKE ITT ~

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FOTD: Golden Leapord

Today was an OK day. Can yall believe I did my effing eyebrows with an EYESHADOW brush. My mac 239. How did I do it? I have no clue whatsoever. I guess my eyeshadow looks weird in one of the pictures but I think it's just the lighting....

I have no clue what I used...I just know I used my NAKED 1 & 2 palettes. And thats it. Hahahaha. I might have used more but I don't remember. 

Lucy Hale Inspired Makeup Tutorial

I'm obsessed with the show Pretty Little Liars since Day 1! I'm so sad that I still need to wait 2 weeks for the show, but sooner then later is always better ;) So! In honor of my 4th favorite show on TV I decided to do an inspired look! I might do a different gal another day but so far Lucy Hale had a very wearable look for ANY occasion. I thought it wasn't too wearable at first then quickly realized with a different colored lippie you have THE PERFECT everyday look! :) Enjoy!

Products Used:
(Prior to the video I had on a bit of Liquid Foundation)
-Revlon New Complexion Foundation in Warm Beige, mixed with Maybeliene 24 hr Foundation in Caramel
-Almay Bright Eyes Concealer in Light
-Revlon Colorstay Powder in Medium Deep
-Anastasia Brows in Bloom
-ELF Cool Bronzer
-MAC Oh So Fair beauty powder
-MAC msf in Soft & Gentle
-Sallys Beauty Supply eyelid primer
-Urban Decay e/s in Chopper, Bootycall,Tease & Snakebite
-Wet n Wild 6 shadow palette in greed
-Milani Liquify Eyeliner
-Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara
-Victoria Secret Concealer in Deep 10
-NYC Lipstick in Blue Rose
-Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie

-ELF Brow Powder in Dark
-Sally Hansen Creme Blush in Blooming
-Revlon Perle in Brushed Copper (In place of UD Chopper)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Wishlist :)

I'm a tad late, but this is everything I want for Christmas :) I hope I get some of it :o There is my longass list! I hope you enjoy looking at all the stuff I want but most likely won't get . LOL @ me for being weird & wanting to much. ENJOYYYYY!

Nars Danmari Blush Palette
UD Book of Shadows 4
Vans x Hellzbellz Bag
TUK Creepers
Kat Von D True Romance Palette (or any palette)
Clarisonic Deep Pore Brush Head

JC Tardy

Pembrook Booties from Steve Madden 
Glitter Docs
Skindinavia Shizz
Sigma Pro Brushes