Monday, December 12, 2011

MAKEUP HAUL!!! (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens SALE!)

Hey Gorgeous Viewers/Flowers ;)
I have a MAKEUP HAUL FOR YALL! The video should be on Youtube in like idk an hour? But I went CRAZY TODAY.
I skipped 7th period at school to go to CVS...I know, I'm obsessed. I go to CVS and I see the girl JUST NOW putting the clearance tags -_____- like qurrrl, why did you not do that earlier!?!?! and so she takes FOREVER. I literally watch her putting the tags cause I wanted SOOOO much. Anywho, I ended up spending $65, but I saved like idk hella more like at least 40 bucks! I give myself props for that. But, on the other hand I spent all the money my dad gave me for the now I need to come up with random excuses to why I've been draining my bank account...HAHA.

When I went up to pay at CVS I was carrying so much that the woman thought I was crazy... she said, "Wow, you cleared out the damn place." all I did was giggle. HAHA. I was gonna have my mom take me again tonight, but i'm scared the same lady is gonna be working..... and I don't want her to be like, "You again?" and then my moms there and she's gonna ask me why I drove over to the next town, then she'll tell my dad & i'll get my car tooken. (The shit I do for makeup!) Anyways, back to my story. I got REVON LIP BUTTERS (AHHH!!!!). And I got 4 of them at first, and I was willing to pay full price for all of them but I found out they were buy 1 get 1 and then I bought 2 more... the woman thought I was mad crazy (I was like, um do you mind if I run and get a couple more?). Anyways, after that I had to go to Rite Aid to drop off my prescription and they head 40% off Revlon & NYC so I got 2 things, not that bad. Not as bad at Revlon.

Now I'm like $300 under on my bank account, hoping that my dad doesnt do a check up this month....

Thankfully enough no one found out about my trips today.... SOOO, in return my daddy is being the best father EVER and taking me to 4 CVS's tomorrow in his town after school! He loves me (': I think I'm gonna search for HELLA more since I won't be paying for it. HAHAHA. Then another CVS on Wednesday, DAMN, I'm rackin in hella makeup! I hope I enjoy everything I've gotten. I'm still looking for a few more Wet N Wild things so hopefully I find more tomorrow & wednesday!

OOh and wednesday my braces is OFFFFFFFFF!!!!

Anywho, I went to Walgreens on Sunday and CVS + Rite Aid today (monday the 12th !). I love the place and honestly who doesnt?

OKAY . So here are some pictures, ENJOY!

(L-R) Berry Smoothie, Sweet Tart, Cherry Tart, Tutti Fruti, Cotton Candy, Cupcake.

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