Thursday, December 15, 2011

3rd CVS Haul This Week, 5th CVS Visit...

La sigh. Today was far from the best day ever, I mean, yes I had A LOT of fun at school but other then that, everything was eh. In the morning I skilled 1st & 2nd period. I went to CVS, Safeway, Rite Aid & McDonalds. When I went to CVS, since it's in the town over I took some side streets to get there, and THE WHOLLLLE TIME the police guy FOLLOWED ME! He followed me from my house, allll the way to CVS! I was like, are you crazy? Why are you hatin'! I was SOOOOO scared. I was gonna pee myself. Finally made it to CVS and stuff, eh. I got a lot of good things but I think I could have gotten more if I looked longer. OH WELLLLL. Well, then I went to school and noticed my car overheated ;( It was the scariest experience of my life. My dad came to house ALLLL the way from his work, and I felt sooo bad. I was so upset that my baby was overheating! I'm really nervous to have someone look at it, but it has to be done. Anywho, here is what I got! (sorry for the ramble, it's been a bad day :(() The only think I forgot to show was my new nail polish, but it's whateva. I tried looking for MORE lip butters but the CVS had the same amount as the last time I was there... ( i cleared the place out monday )I'm SOOOOOO glad I found Vanity by Wet N Wild (far left palette), I've been dying to have it! Since I found out they're being discontinued I bought a few of the palettes for a couple of friends! And the last palette to the right from Revlon, I accidentally bought it twice. I felt stupid.... But, anywho I'm giving it to a friend for Christmas... ;)
I have a friend with GORG lashes & this is what she used! It was 50% off so I thought i'd give it a shot!

The Healthy Wear is WAYYYY to light for my skintone.....but, it is nice enough to put a sheer dust. I think I'm gonna give it to my mom & if I see a deeper one then I'll buy it for me!

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