Saturday, December 17, 2011

4th CVS Haul this Week, 6th CVS visit ;)

I'm a little obsessed. Who said it's a bad thing? ;) Well, my dad got me this morning and then we went out to do just a bit of Christmas shopping. I loveeeee the holidays! I'm really happy though because my dad took me to CVS by his house AGAIN, in hopes that most stuff would be TAGGED UP! (Last time we went the sale hadn't started yet!) Anywho, thankfully enough nothing was tagged, BUT there was a scanner so I could scan everything before I bought anything, not that bad. It'd doable. I'm going to CVS again with my dad tomorrow so I'm so excited :))))) I'm waking up at 6 so I can tag along with Dad to work then we're heading off to 1 or 2 more CVS's. It's fun to get all these bargains! Anywho, this is what I got. It only cost me $13! HOW FREAKIN CHEAP. I had a $5 extrabucks coupon & tomorrow I'll be using my 25% off thingy. ;) SWAGGGG. lololol, okay how about no. Anyways, good/bad news about my car. It wasn't overheating ! But, my gauge is broken so we need to have it looked at. SOOO, i'll still be spending money on it. ! :((( Lets get on widd dis haul doee. I'm so happy cus all I spent was $13 <3 That is AMAZING. I got 5 quads, 1 powder worth $15, 3 Gel Liners & Mascara! You know I saved A LOT!
(Top, Left-Right) 06 In the Buff, 04 Sandstorm, 03 Neutral Khakis
(Bottom) 13 Lavender Meadow, 10 Berry Bloom.

These are AMAZING. They DO NOT budge! Better then ANY other gel liner I've tried! So happy to have gotten another!

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